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Badger Software

Badger Software Ltd
Delta House
70 South View Avenue
Caversham, Reading
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)118 946 4488

Badger Software

Badger Software is the UK's leading supplier of systems for dealing with Critical Incidents and Crimes in Action. We have been providing Covert and Overt solutions to UK and International Law Enforcement as well as the Commercial Sector for three decades, with a well-deserved reputation for our skills, knowledge and for delivering user friendly systems on time and in budget.

Managing a Critical Incident relies on sharing of accurate information, effective decision making and a co-ordinated response from your team.

It is crucial to give your Crisis Management Team immediate access to all the information required to co-ordinate their activities, ensure the right decisions are made, actions prioritised and tracked and everyone, including senior management are kept well informed.

The CLIO crisis management system from Badger Software can help save lives, ensure business continuity, protect resources and preserve company reputation and credibility. Established as the UK's leading and most effective critical incident management system, CLIO was developed jointly with the police, emergency services and commercial organisations and has been proven over ten years in the most demanding of situations.

Our customers tell us that they would never consider putting their business at risk by going back to a paper system.