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Needhams 1834

Needhams 1834
Limited 2 -3 Hind Court
Fleet Street
United Kingdom

T: +44(0)20 7353 9498

Needhams 1834

Needhams 1834 Ltd is a leading independent provider of risk management and business continuity consultancy, planning and training services. We enable our clients to identify potential risks, protect against them and put into place strategies, processes and plans that will mitigate the effects of disruptive events and ensure their business continuity.

We offer a range of services that include: rapid audit of clients' existing business continuity arrangements; authorship of a top-level incident management plan (IMP) from scratch; and training of senior management, crisis management teams and executive support staff in business continuity and crisis management.

Our team of consultants are particularly skilled in designing and delivering exercises that test business continuity plans and allow strategic, tactical and operational level teams to practise managing a crisis. Scenarios are developed in close consultation with clients and are based on specific and relevant risks.

Our courses also include bespoke training in the design, delivery and evaluation of business continuity exercises to organisations' business continuity managers so as to build an effective in-house training capability.

Each client of Needhams 1834 Ltd receives a bespoke service from staff with many years of operational experience.