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Quinsec Security Managment

Quinsec Security Management

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Quinsec Security Management

QuinSec was founded by staff with many years of expertise in intelligence, Special Forces and the commercial sector. Based on this knowledge we have designed innovative techniques that improve safety for personnel and for emergency responders across a range of environments.

Our technological developments and cyber capabilities are truly innovative and cutting edge. For example our GIS platform works in a fully integrated manner and allows clients to reduce broad areas of risk. This mapping service is then enhanced by the provision of our additional products: all of which are seamlessly integrated on the platform such as interactive 360-degree photographic surveys, integrated wireless and wired camera systems, and quick-drop camera systems.

We offer training courses in hostage recovery, advanced firearms, and various levels of situational awareness as well as designing bespoke operations involving a number of complex and specialist security and intelligence techniques.

QuinSec has also developed a deep understanding of the cyber security threats businesses and individuals face. We have a team of deep-cyber specialists headed up by former Intelligence Agency staff and cyber security experts from the private sector. We have a unique and complete cyber and cyber-intelligence/due diligence package that is truly world class.