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The Window Film Company UK Ltd

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Head Office:
Unit 5 Power House,
Higham Mead, Chesham Buckinghamshire

Tel +44 (0)1494 794477

London Office:
25 Britton Street Clerkenwell London

Tel +44 (0)20 3326 1718

The Window Film Company

Windows and glazing provide organisations with an increasing number of challenges, and The Window Film Company UK Ltd offer a wide range of specialist films, designed to deal with issues including solar control, privacy, manifestation and safety and security.

As a Madico Safety Shield Premier Partner, The Window Film Company provide the most sophisticated and effective range of safety and bomb-blast solutions available. In offering the advanced Safety Shield range of safety films in conjunction with a range of attachment systems, it is possible to deliver the most suitable and effective safety and bomb-blast mitigation available, with the TempGARD, Gullwing, FrameGARD and Lifeline attachment systems all developed and tested to the highest possible standard.

In addition to security and bomb-blast mitigation, window film can provide protection against vandalism, with specialist anti-graffiti film guarding against damage and preventing the need for expensive replacement glass.

Our products can also be used in conjunction with additional films to deliver increased control over energy management, resulting in a reduced energy costs. An evaluation of your needs is available free of charge, including a summary of what can be achieved and recommendation as to the most suitable film choice.